Virtual Award Show or digital Prize-giving Ceremony: it is all about the right presentation of your winners.
Simon Pierro has been one of the first magicians worldwide to present a Virtual Magic Show online. Instead of simply bringing his stage act to the screen, he developed a concept that took the entertainment to a whole other level.
A new medium calls for a new approach to magic and entertainment.

Simon Pierro: “With my virtual show World Wide Wonders I wanted to create a new magical experience for my audience instead of adapting my stage show to it.Instead of leaving the audience saying ‘I wish I could have seen this live’ I want them to think ‘Wow, I’ve never witnessed anything like this before…’.

‘World Wide Winners’ is the ultimate Virtual Award Show that helps brands to connect people, teams and organizations. Fast-paced, interactive and individual entertainment that has never been seen before.  

Numerous options to customize the content within the magic effects allow for fascinating and unique ways to present content, categories and of course your honorees.

‘World Wide Winners’ – a virtual award show like you’ve never seen before. 

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Virtual Magic Shows

More information about the Online Show from Simon Pierro: World Wide Wonders

Amaze your guests and virtual audiences with a digital magic show that couldn’t be any more contemporary. Presented by Germany’s official Magician of the Year (more information from the Magic Circle of Germany in German: “Simon Pierro ist Magier des Jahres”

Virtual Magic Show - Unique effects with robots in Simon Pierros Zoom Show
Virtual Magic Show – Unique effects with robots in Simon Pierros Zoom Show