Best of all, your message will stand out. It will be the one trade show presentation everyone’s talking about.

In the hectic atmosphere of a trade show, it’s crucial to differentiate your presentation from that of your competitors. A high-profile product or a first-class service requires an equally high-quality presentation, and Simon Pierro delivers. What’s more, even complicated information is significantly more memorable when accompanied by visual effects and illusions. And that happens to be one of Simon’s specialties.

Simon is a highly educated business expert as well as a skilled magician. This means he can create an enchanting performance that is as focused on your business and products as it is engaging for your guests.

With his sleight-of-hand skills and technological knowledge, he can make your products appear on an iPad screen and then magically appear in the physical world. Imagine Simon showing your product on a tablet display and then miraculously pulling out product samples to hand to audience members.

If you can imagine it, Simon Pierro can probably create an illusion for it in the most enchanting way. Your trade show presentation will be the talk of the trade show floor, driving visitors to your booth and creating spectacular buzz far and wide.

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