The Magic Of Digital Transformation

The process of digital transformation started about two decades ago and has continuously gained speed and caught all industries – even one that you might not have had on your list: the entertainment industry.

Simon Pierro and Roboter Pepper - Digital Magic
Simon Pierro and Roboter Pepper – Digital Magic

Because just like companies artists have to think about how to handle disruptive innovations like digital.

Simon Pierro became a game changer in the magic industry. Challenging the assumptions of an ancient art, he brought magic into the digital age.

Captivating event speaker Simon Pierro
Captivating event speaker Simon Pierro

In his TED Talk style keynote Simon will show how embracing change generates creativity in the mind’s adaptation channels, literally creating a new reality out of the old.
Entertaining and thought-provoking, Simon Pierro will open your creative mind to new and exciting possibilities.

You’ve never seen or heard a speaker — or encountered a corporate event entertainer — like Simon.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes Simon Pierro, the German digital magician who is taking the world by storm by doing magic tricks on his iPad.

Tanya Rivero, The Wall Street Journal