Simon Pierro is a digital magician without parallel.

Appearing in major venues around the world, he’s gotten a tremendous amount of press coverage of his iPad magic from major publications, TV networks and high-traffic websites.

Take a look at the clippings listed here, and you’ll get a good idea of the scope and reach of Simon’s fame, as well as his consummate skill as a magician.

Simon made his U.S. debut on national television on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with this breakthrough performance that launched him onto the national stage:

That performance had such an impact, the producers at NBC Today heard about it, and wrote about his performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:
Amazing magician stuns Ellen DeGeneres with his iPad trickery

It didn’t take long for those NBC Today Show producers to contact us, and before we knew it, Simon was at the NBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York, performing on two of the different sets of the Today Show, as well as a couple of transitions into commercials:

When Simon started creating illusions for the Apple Watch even before it was released, he let the world know about his new tricks. Popular social media site Mashable was the first to pick up the story:
iPad magician strikes again, this time using the Apple Watch

The Wall Street Journal got into the act, inviting Simon to its headquarters for an interview with Tanya Rivero on her popular Lunch Break show:
Does Your iPad Know Magic Tricks?

Here’s a high-resolution picture of Simon Pierro, the iPad Magician. Please feel free to use it however you wish, and link back to inside your story.

iPad Zauberer
Artwork: Sebastian KonoPIX / IMAGICIANS.DE

Here’s another high-resolution picture of Simon Pierro. Please feel free to use it however you wish, and link back to inside your story.

Simon Pierro: iPad Zauberer

Here’s Simon Pierro’s info sheet, describing Simon’s performances and his clientele.