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Simon Pierro Magician of the Year 2020

Simon Pierro Magician of the Year 2020

Youth workshops, magic conventions, competitions, encouragement through local magic clubs in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, friendships – my career is intrinsically tied to the Magic Circle of Germany.

That’s why I am particularly happy about this special and renewed recognition from the Magic Circle of Germany – Europe’s biggest magic society.

2020 has been… different than expected. But I am very proud that my team and I found a way to be creative and successful nonetheless.

Thank you to each and everyone who made this success possible.

Here is the official eulogy:

Simon Pierro is Magician of the Year 2020

Simon Pierro became internationally known over the past decade as the Digital Magician. After his sensational performance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show – with over 25 million views online – the American press named him ‘the man that reinvented magic’.
In a breathtaking way he combines the age old craft of magic with new technological inventions like iPads, 3D printers and robots.

2020, a year in which magic could no longer be performed in front of a live audience, Simon again proved to be the pioneer of the hour by finding several new platforms for his art.

Right after the first lockdown was announced he developed an online-show based on a highly innovative concept.

A live-show that not only lets the audience participate interactively but also finds creative ways to incorporate the unique features of this new medium. Optical illusions, video effects and holograms are all being used to keep the audience guessing what is real and what is an illusion.
The audience leaves the show with a feeling of amazement – despite finding themselves in a virtual world.

From the heart of Munich and his newly built production studio, he streams elaborate and individual concepts to all around the world and thus reaches people that might have otherwise never seen him perform:
Vint Cerf, one of the founders of the internet, wrote after seeing his show: ‘This is one of the most creative ways to use the online world that I have ever seen!!!’

Even Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, named Businessperson of the Year by Time Magazine, took the time to be enchanted by Simon Pierro’s virtual magic: ‘Simon is an amazing magician!’

Simon starts where others drop out, with commercial success not necessarily being the driving force, but rather the wish to expand the limits of the art form of magic itself.
In a time when platforms like TikTok have changed the way an entire generation watches content, he has made it his goal to keep magic relevant and modern.

In 2020 he has, once more, successfully pulled off this sleight of hand.

For more information on his online-shows: Virtual Magic Show

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